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Do you really need that video in your eLearning project?

By now, you probably already know that using video in your training is a powerful tool. We are not here to tell you why. We are going to give you some things to keep in mind should you plan on using video in your training.

There are several things that you will need to consider before using video.

  • First off, should you? Are you just adding video to add video? You may spend several hours or even days shooting, editing, reviewing, reshooting, re-editing, re-reviewing, you get the picture. All that time spent to pass on some information that could have been easily delivered using a simpler method.Or maybe there were only a handful of people who needed the training. Now, I’m not saying that you need to look for shortcuts or mail it in, but let’s be realistic. Video is a hog for time and resources.
  • Another thing you need to consider, is where will this training live? Will it be on a super speedy server or some antiquated LMS that is known to hate video with a passion? Who is your audience and where do you anticipate them completing your training? If you have a large audience that will be taking it at their workstations using the latest and greatest delivery system, then unfold that director’s chair and make some magic. If you are delivering your content remotely to individuals with unknown resources, you may want to consider the overall need for video. One of the quickest ways to lose the interest of any learner is buffering.

Now, we love video and we love making videos for eLearning, but there are times when you should consider whether it is the most effective and efficient method for your content.

There are other alternatives if you must have video. Using online animation programs like GoAnimate can get you that video fix without putting a drain on resources.

There are ways to deliver effective training without using video, so make sure you evaluate the need, time, and resources available before making your decision.

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