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The community for eLearning professionals created by eLearning professionals – Welcome to The eLearning HUB

Newbies and pros alike can connect, learn, and grow without getting booed off forums for asking simple questions (no question is a bad one on the HUB), or given blank stares when they need more techy advice (we’ve got several seasoned pros ready to give you high level help).

The eLearning HUB is your ticket to a community of people just like you! Whether you’ve been at this eLearning game for a while or a newbie just getting started, we’re rolling out the red carpet and welcoming you to The eLearning HUB!

Just what is The eLearning HUB? We’re so glad you asked!

Other than being straight up awesome, it’s also a place where you can get answers to those burning questions about instructional design, explainer videos, or course creation. It’s a place where ideation happens every day. It’s also a hangout where you can collaborate with others or just check out what your peers have been up to. You’ll meet industry pals across a wide range of expertise. Current members include developers and designers in business, education, healthcare and government. And the best part? It’s absolutely free!

Here are just a few of the things the HUB can help you with:

  • Learn more about using video in your projects (even if you hate the idea of being on camera)
  • Find new and cool instructional design ideas (top of the line ideas coming your way)
  • Pick the RIGHT colors for your design (because the wrong ones can be disastrous)
  • Find a two-second fix to a problem without a 30-minute tutorial (you’re welcome!)
  • And so much more!

There is no requirement to join the HUB, well, okay maybe just one: no jerks allowed.

Design/development newbies and veterans are welcome.

We stand by the idea that no question is a dumb question, so this is no place to troll, but if you’re looking to be a resource to others, learn something new, and make some friends in the process, then we’d love to have you!

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