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100 words of audio. How long is too long? thumbnail

We've all heard that attention spans are short for someone going through online training or just watching a YouTube video. [Tweet "100 words of audio. How long is too long?"] How long is too long? You might be surprised at how many words you can actually say before your learner snoozes off. Check it out… Read More

So, someone asks you, "Just how long does it take to go through your entire eLearning course?" Do you have an answer? Why is it important to have an answer to that question? Several reasons... In corporate business, time is money. Managers want to know how long their employees will be spending away from their… Read More

Removing background noise using Adobe Audition – 4 Easy Steps thumbnail

Nothing is worse than hearing a distracting humming sound in the background of the audio file you just recorded. Here are 4 easy steps to remove it. Find a part of your audio file that is just background sound. It will be the area that is fairly flat like shown in the image. Look for… Read More

Give your logo a holiday makeover thumbnail

It's fun to give your logo a simple holiday makeover. Learn how easy it can be with this quick Photoshop tutorial from SchwindTEC… Read More

How Long Should My eLearning Course Be? thumbnail

A long course means it’s better, right? Sixty minutes is about the right amount of time to cram some learning in there huh? I mean why not just pick an arbitrary 37 minutes? Trying to put a number on how long a course should be before you start to design and develop your content is… Read More

Quick tips on photo-editing thumbnail

Cindy Sumner's Photoshop tutorial for her Master's program For the last 19 and a half years I have been a trainer. The first 9 years of training was primarily technical in nature and the last 10 and a half has been software application training. About two and a half years ago I decided that I… Read More

Should You Hire Outside Voice Talent? thumbnail

One relative unknown industry that has suffered from advances in technology and the internet has been in professional voiceover talent. I mean we all pretty much carry around professional recording equipment in our pockets these days, right? So, should you still hire a professional for your eLearning project? Well…yes, if you can afford it and… Read More

The Stock Photo Rabbit Hole thumbnail

Ever find yourself in need of the perfect image to make your eLearning project sing? Or, a client gives you a vague description of what they want and the next thing you know you are on page 238 of 1,621 of your favorite stock photo site and you have just wasted two hours clicking through… Read More

Training Your SME thumbnail

As an eLearning developer or instructional designer, a good working relationship with your Subject Matter Expert is vital to the success of the project. Part of that relationship is training your SME. Training? Absolutely! I don’t recommend one of those electric collars, although that may not be a bad idea. Your SME is probably very… Read More

Fill the Learning Gaps thumbnail

If you’re like me, it’s sometimes hard to turn off your brain when your job is something that you love to do. I couldn’t help but read articles about problems in the recent election and think to myself, “wow somebody messed up big-time, were they not trained properly? Could a properly designed and developed eLearning… Read More

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+ receive our free ebook "5 Tips for Great eLearning Development"

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