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The eLearning HUB – where instructional design expertise and online learning experience come to party

Hi! We’re SchwindTEC otherwise known as the creators of The eLearning HUB.

Our journey began as three guys with a plan to do the impossible – create eLearning solutions that were actually fun (what a concept!) Our newest addition to the SchwindTEC family is The eLearning HUB  – a community for ecourse creators and instructional designers who want to learn, connect, and have fun in the process!

So, just who are these SchwindTEC guys?


“Mike and Rob with noted educational theorist, Dr. M. David Merrill” after winning the 2010 AECT Instructional Design competition.

We’re Mike, Rob, and Stewie and combined we’ve got over 30 years in the eLearning and instructional design fields. So, you could say we’re rather experienced. All three of us have our MAs from Emporia State University in Instructional Design and Technology, but don’t let the academia fool you – we still know how to have a great time and keep things relevant. While all three of us knew we wanted to be in the instructional design game, it wasn’t until we entered an international design and development competition (and won) that we decided the future of eLearning and design rested on our shoulders. This international competition promoted the very best instructional design research done by graduate students and in 2010 we won 1st place (Go Emporia State and SchwindTEC!).

Giving back to our community has always been important to us. All three of us work as adjunct instructors at Emporia State and daily we hear so many questions from students that begin with “How do I…?” or “Is there a way to…?” We figured if our local students were asking these types of questions, imagine how many people around the world are in need of help for their online courses? What if we could help more than just our local students and make a bigger impact in the eLearning world? What if we could be the superheros of the eLearning industry and bring our online know how and knack for fun to all corners of the earth? We put on our thinking capes caps, and started devising our plan.

Meanwhile, back at SchwindTEC…

Our company SchwindTEC was created to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even government agencies put the fun back in online training with well designed and interactive eLearning solutions that got people excited to learn. We’ve helped countless clients create interactive solutions for their online programs, and we’ve been single handedly responsible for creating corporate training programs that get people interested in learning (not to mention less likely to call in sick on mandatory training day). We realized that helping clients and helping our students were just two pieces to this eLearning puzzle – there was another way we could bring our expertise to the online course world.

Introducing The eLearning HUB

The next step in our journey became crystal clear – The fact is, there are thousands of creative and innovative eLearning designers and developers in the world but most of us are working all alone. We wanted to change that. We wanted a place where cool happened daily, new ideas were shared, and fun was front and center.

We put our heads together and that’s when The eLearning HUB was born. Part community, part incubator, and part, well, party – The eLearning HUB is where you want to be if you’re a card carrying member of the eLearning community. Ready to join us?

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Wondering if it’s for you?

There’s not much we haven’t done in the world of eLearning. From large government contracts to small animated videos, we have seen it all from start to finish. The HUB is our way to share our experiences and knowledge with you.

Whether it’s:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Software
  • Audio recording
  • Storyboarding
  • Learning models
  • Scenario-based learning
  • And more….

We think the eLearning HUB is where you want to be. Ready to dive in?

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